Setolazar manufactures atmospheric and pressure equipment, in galvanized and stainless steel. All in different sizes and under national and international standards. We also can perform on site boiler and equipment repairment. For this purpose, we have all the necessary equipment for construction and testing.


  • Design, construction and testing of atmospheric and pressure tanks in different sizes and characteristics, under national and international standards, both in galvanized and stainless steel.
  • LNG tanks

  • Tank manufacturing for Liquid natural gas (LNG), designed and constructed in our own facilities. Isolation with perlite or multilayer, according to technical requirements.
  • Horizontal and vertical tanks construction in different sizes, according to the client requirements. Vacuum and testing performed in our facilities.
  • Cryogenic tanks

  • Design and construction of cryogenic tanks for air gases storage: CO2, H2, N2 …
  • Size and design characteristics adapted to each client operational requirements
  • Iso containers

  • Iso containers manufactured for national and international transportation by sea, land and air, in compliance with International Convention for Safe Containers (CSC).
  • Heat exchangers and gasifiers

  • We develop and manufacture of heat exchangers, both atmospheric and pressure type equipment and made from different materials. Construction under client specifications for a wide range of projects.
  • Pre-assembled and vacuum pipes

  • Pre-assembled and vacuum pipes supply, constructed according to a precise assembling diagram, adjusted on site.
  • Hydraulic test on workshop for pre-assembled pipes.
  • Vacuum-insulated pipes for heat and cryogenic processes.
  • Equipment and fabricated items gallery